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Naked ADSL - No Phone, No Problem

With a name like that you start thinking that itís going to be rude. Simply, Lightspeed can provide ADSL service even if you don't have a conventional or PSTN telephone. We have always been able to get you up and running between 5 Ė 7 days with Roger's, Telus, Bell Canada, Allstream, someone else. Now with our Naked ADSL service you can have ADSL pretty much wherever there is a wall jack. So having the option of removing the hum from your wall jacks while at the same time saving money doesnít sound so rude after all.

In a nutshell Naked ADSL allows you to have our great service almost anywhere there are phone jacks, even if you don't want the added expense of a phone line. The CRTC decided recently that if you want to purchase our superior ADSL service, delivered over our own Priority Voice / Data network, you shouldn't be forced to pay for a service you don't want like a phone line from some other company. It would be like having to buy a burger from McDonaldís every time you wanted a Tim Hortonís donut, it never made any sense. So now you donít have to get a telephone company's version of a Big Mac just to get our Highspeed ADSL Internet connection.

naked dsl

Along with this landmark decision the CRTC also set out some of the costs for delivering Naked ADSL including a monthly tariff and a set-up fee. In the end the consumer wins. Both business and residential customers can get Lightspeed ADSL, or Naked ADSL, with or without a phone. This provides flexibility for businesses in back-up connections and superfast ADSL reliability, while residential customers can enjoy the savings as well as the freedom of a choice.

naked adsl

With all the telecommunications options today like digital phone service, or VoIP, cellular phones, video conferencing, and future technologies like IPTV, the Internet is more important than ever and now you have the ability to make your choices without being forced to pay more than you should.

So if you have a phone, or don't have a phone, want a phone, don't want a phone, the choice is yours. Either way, you can get great Lightspeed ADSL, or Naked ADSL, delivered to you, almost anywhere there's a phone jack in British Columbia or Alberta.

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