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Business ADSL for BC and Alberta

Cyber-Gold Communications, through our associate, Lightspeed, provides the best value Business ADSL service in British Columbia and Alberta. Our proven scalable network uses multiple high speed optical connections and currently supports large numbers of small to medium sized companies as well as many of the largest firms in the Commercial, Government, Retail and Institutional sectors.

Lightspeed System Administrators designed our High Speed Service to provide businesses a superior premium service at affordable monthly rates priced as much as hundreds of dollars a month less than our comparable competition.

If you compare our product offerings with other Business High Speed Solution providers we are confident you will be impressed with the value of our business products.

Business Quality High Speed Internet for Western Canadians from Victoria B.C., all the way up to Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta. Lightspeed is superior.

PLEASE NOTE: Current ADSL users wishing to change to our service:

1-Complete your APPLICATION  and fax it to: 604-482-1191 .
or Download it, complete it and Email to us.
If you do not have Adobe Reader to open the form, Get Adobe Reader Here

2-Provide Notice WITH a service termination date to your current provider.

3-Expect 7-10 days for the switch over to occur.

If you do not currently subscribe to ADSL through ANY
provider, expect an approximate time frame of up
to 5 business days for set up.
These time frames are not set by us.
The final configuration and switching is actually completed
by TELUS.(even if you use sprint for your phone line).


Our Internet Service installs seamlessly in Alberta and British Columbia on Rogers, Bell/Group Telecom, Telus, Allstream and many other smaller telephone service providers. The table below provides three options of monthly pricing for Business Highspeed ADSL. Companies that do not have an active business Telephone line can also choose our Naked ADSL option. Naked ADSL is High Speed Internet Services delivered over bare copper wire.

Bus A Bus B
Download Speed (Max) 6.0 Mbps 15.0 Mbps
Upload Speed (Max) 1.0 Mbps 1.0 MBps
200GB Data Traffic Monthly $60.95 $79.95
250GB Data Traffic Monthly $69.95 $89.95
300GB Data Traffic Monthly $79.95 $99.95
Set Up Fee $00.00 $00.00
Modem FREE
(Expires Feb 29, 2012)
Free $49.95 Value Free $49.95 Value
Static IPs 2 2
Email Accounts 20 20
Spam Control Included Included
Anti Virus Filter Included Included


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