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  Residential ADSL 

 We are smaller than the BIG GUYS so we have to be better

We can install ADSL service on most telephone service providers networks such as Rogers Home Phone, Telus, Bell and Allstream and including many resellers of Telus telephone lines. Our quality of service is the same for all telephone providers.

Great features:

  • 125 Gig/month Internet connection traffic  (125 Gig/mo. upload/download total)
  • 2 Dynamic IP Addresses (Public static IP addresses available at $10/mo.)
  • 20Meg Personal Webspace
  • 5 E-mail Accounts for the Whole Family
  • 24-Hour connection (always on)
  • Spam Filtering - Keeping your e-mail account free of common spam
  • E-mail Virus Scanning - Your E-mail messages are scanned for viruses
  • 10 Hours Dialup Access
  • Call in Tech Support 7 days a week
  • 2.9 cents per min Long Distance in North America option


  High Speed Internet - Spring 2012
No Contract
3.0 Mbps $30.95/mo*
6.0 Mbps $35.95/mo*
15.0 Mbps $41.95/mo*
25.0 Mbps $54.95/mo*

Price Protection Guarantee
By signing up for the Lightspeed price protection guarantee you are agreeing to a fixed term of service of one to three years, during which your rates are guaranteed not to increase. With the exception that the CRTC rules a mandated price increase which could also include increases in bandwidth costs. After the completion of the term agreed to under the Lightspeed Price Protection Program the monthly rate will be billed at the current rate for ADSL highspeed Internet service at the time of completion.

Month-to-Month - Short Term Option
Month-to-Month plan members are required to provide payment for first and last month of service and are subject to a three-month minimum connect. When stock is available, Monthly rental modems are offered to customers on the Month to Month plan at a rate of $3.95 per month.

Supply Your Own Modem
Customers who would like to use their own qualifying modem for services with Internet Lightspeed will be serviced under any of the monthly rate plans.

Naked ADSL - Telephone Service not Required
Naked ADSL is an add-on product available to all Lightspeed customers regardless of which ADSL service they are subscribed to. Customers taking advantage of Lightspeed's Naked ADSL option must have a clear line currently not in use for regular telephone services. A monthly usage tariff, and set-up fee, approved by the CRTC and based on your location, is required by every Lightspeed customer enjoying the benefits of Naked ADSL. Lightspeed collects these fees each month with your regular charges. Currently urban areas in BC and Alberta are collected at a rate of $10.00 per month and set-up fee is $15.00. Remote areas of BC and Alberta may be set at a higher rate, check our website or contact Customer Support for the current tariff rate for your location. These rates may change during your period of service with Lightspeed and are not subject to coverage under the price protection plan.

Network Access - System-wide for Priority Voice & Data
All Lightspeed customers are subject to a $4.95 monthly Network Access Fee, which allows access to our priority voice and data network. This is a single monthly fee which allows our customers to access any or all of our services such as highspeed ADSL, Supercharged ADSL, Telephone Long Distance, VoIP connectivity, etc.