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Who are we?

Cyber-Gold Communications is a division of Golden West Investigative Group Ltd, a corporate body registered in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Cyber-Gold was initially set up as the computer support division for our IT & Computer investigative sections. As technology grew, we saw a need for providing upgrading and education which would be handled through our then-Private Post Secondary Education school. Following natural progression, students began to ask about computer system purchases and hence, the formation of CYBER-GOLD COMMUNICATIONS.

Since that initial startup in the early 1990's, Cyber-Gold Communications has gone through many changes. In the days of "dial-up" internet access (pre-broadband era), Cyber-Gold Communications offered dial-up service starting on the lower-mainland and expanding to over 20 locations across Canada. This concept worked well for traveling workers as they could use their account without extra charge in any of the established cities. Unfortunately, with the advent of Broadband (technology progression), this service  became obsolete and the cost to change over to Broadband service for Cyber-Gold was not a feasible item to be considered at that time.

With internet service comes customer problems. Many had no idea how to set up a dial-up string or even set up and use their e-mail. This was the start of our Customer Care and Service division that attends residential customer residences and provides that "PERSONAL TOUCH". At that time, Cyber-Gold was the only local company that offered such a service. Of course, now, there are several groups offering a "like" service. The difference that we have still maintained is: If it will take more than 1 hour to fix on site, we will suggest to the customer that we save them some of their hard earned money and take their unit in to our location for repair. Once the off site work has been completed, we arrange to take the unit back to the customer, set it up for them, add any drivers that may have to be added, demonstrate the system and answer any questions.

This "Personal Touch" service is also used for system sales. We will personally deliver and set up the customer's system, demonstrate it and then answer any questions. This includes USED systems.

Telephone Support:

Customers have appreciated over the years that sometimes a simple phone call is all it takes to fix a problem - or- that phone call can provide suggestions that, once followed, can help to narrow down the problem and save technical investigative time to diagnose it later. These calls have always been FREE.  

Future Technological Advances:

As technology grows, so does our sales and service base. From new, up to date cpu's, hard disksdisplay cards  and the lcd monitor  to the recent addition of VOIP  and ADSL Internet Connection  Cyber-Gold is moving forward.  


To keep up to date on new advances that we are participating in, check "Our News" on a regular basis.



Check our "NEWS"  page on a frequent basis for more updates and product additions.























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