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Now you have even more ways to make your Dolphin Tel phone service more flexible with our new Toll Free Number Service.

This is a great add on service for either Dolphin Residential or Business Plans. Residential customers can give their toll free number to friends and family for yet another way for them to stay in touch. People who are never calling because of their high phone costs now have no excuse not to connect with you.

Dolphin Business Plan members can quickly see the potential value of a toll free number for their business. The bottom line will be far better when your customers can connect to you without the added consideration of long distance costs. Adding a toll free number to your sales line has proven to increase your bottom line. It has been proven that a toll free connection to your business adds a level of prestige and makes customers more confident in your services no matter what you are selling.

How do I get my Dolphin Tel Toll Free Number?

Call our sales department today and ask to have a Dolphin Toll Free Number added to your service.

What's the cost to have a Dolphin Toll Free Number?

Not a lot, $4.95 per month, usage at 6cents per minute for calls in North America.

Is there a set-up fee?

Yes, there is a $25.00 on time set-up fee that is standard to the phone industry.

Can I have multiple Dolphin Tel toll Free Numbers?

Yes, there are many different configurations and possibilities and our sales department can help you with what you need.

Call today and make your Dolphin Tel Plan even more accessible.



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